Cast a glittering glow over the evening with this Swirling Galaxy lantern! Hand carved with inspiration drawn from the night sky, a perfect gift for anyone looking for a new way to light up their living space.







Height- 16cm


width-  16cm





Lantern may become hot wilst in use, keep out of reach of children.



Swirling Galaxy Candle Lantern

  • Many of the Raku techniques used to create the effects in these pieces involve creating colours and patterns directly onto the ceramic surface, resulting in pottery that is often unglazed. Because of this Raku wares can sometimes remain slightly susceptible to bright light and moisture.


    Although every effort is made to ensure each piece is sealed to maintain its bright colours and patterns, it is recommended that Raku pottery is kept out of direct sunlight and away from areas with a lot of moisture (bathrooms etc.)


    In order for smoke and other chemicals to leave behind their colours and patterns, the ceramic needs to be slightly porous. Because of this Raku pottery is not suitable for holding liquids, as over time water will seep through to the surface of the pottery if used in this way. Potentially changing those colours and patterns.


    Various chemicals are used in the making of these pieces which, after being thoroughly cleaned and sealed, are perfectly safe for ornamental use. However, it is not recommended that Raku pottery is used in the preparation or cooking of food or drink of any kind.


    Raku pottery can be dusted with a clean dry cloth and any cleaning sprays or detergents should be avoided.


    -Ornamental use only

    -Not for use with food or drink

    -Not suitable for holding liquids