I'm James Savage, a local maker/designer living in Torquay, Devon.

After graduating in Photography, I found that I wanted a more hands on approach to artwork and so began studying everything from stone masonry to arc welding. From my workshop in Torquay I make hand carved stonewares, industrial copper lighting, slip cast ceramics, watercolour illustrations and more.

The more stuff I make the more I become interested in...well pretty much everything. (except love island.)


What is Raku?

Raku kiln

Raku has been around a while. Dating back to the early 1550's, original Eastern Japanese Raku was a practice used in creating crockery for traditional tea ceremonies, most often in the form of Chawan tea bowls, small hand formed pieces of pottery which would be low fired and removed from the kiln whilst still glowing hot and allowed to cool in the open air.

The contemporary version of this practice is widely known as Western Raku, and its what you'll see in my ceramics here. In this form of Raku each piece is removed from the kiln whilst glowing hot but instead of being allowed to cool in the open air, a variety of other processes are put upon it to create beautiful surface effects, colours and textures that become part of the body of each piece rather than a glaze that decorates it maintaining the finely burnished surface of the ceramic. Due to the nature of this process no two pieces are ever the same, they're all individual in that respect. I use a combination of Barrel, Pit, Saggar and Reduction firings to achieve these effects.

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